Top 2 Homemade Skin and Beauty Products

The natural route is certainly a popular one for skin care and beauty these days. Many individuals are looking for products at the store with only the ingredients they can pronounce, without artificial fragrance, free of harsh chemicals and parabens, et cetera. However, even those natural products may not be completely natural.

You can take things even further and only use homemade skin and beauty products. These, of course, will be completely natural as they will only contain ingredients you either already have in your kitchen, or ones you can easily purchase. Here are the two most common homemade skin and beauty products you can start making today:

Body Scrub

Do you want incredibly smooth legs? Need to exfoliate your face? Homemade body scrub is one of the most popular homemade skin and beauty products, since it is so versatile. There are many different recipes available online, but one of the simplest is a combination of coconut oil and brown (or white) sugar. You will need two cups of sugar to every cup of oil, though you can adjust the exact quantity based on how much you need or want to make.

You may also switch out the coconut oil for vegetable oil if that is what you have on hand. In addition, you can use vanilla extract or another essential oil to make the scrub smell pleasant. From there, you would use as you would a normal store-bought face or body scrub. Feel like a goddess!

Lip Balm

All you need to make an effective and simple lip balm is some beeswax, which you will have to melt a little, a few drops of your favourite essential oil for scent, and coconut oil. When combined well and stored in a nice, tight container, you have the perfect balm to keep your lips moist without the unnatural ingredients found in most store-bought balms. Go ahead and puck up with pride!



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