Tips To Make Makeup Last All Day

Have you ever done your makeup really well in the morning, only to find it’s pretty much melting off your face by midday? Unfortunately, makeup can easily wear off your face if you are not careful, which is why it can be frustrating if you need it to last a long time between applications. You need not fear any longer, however, here are some key tips to make makeup last all day—without any reapplications!

Prime Your Face

After you wash your face in the morning, but before you start applying your foundation and other makeup, make sure you blend a nice layer of primer into your skin. Primer is a product specifically designed to get your skin in the best possible shape for makeup to adhere and actually last. There is little to no other function, though you may find some with a low SPF content or moisturizing effect if you are very lucky.

Set With Powder

The final step in your makeup application process, if you really want your makeup to last throughout the day without sliding off your face is to lightly set everything with a specialized setting powder. These are normally translucent, so it won’t affect the colour of anything you have just applied. You can, if you do not want to use a powder, find a setting spray. Note that setting sprays tend to be a little more pricey than a setting powder, and less available.

Tap Translucent Powder on Lips

Do you love the colour of your lipstick but find it rubs off far too soon for your liking? Is your shade not available in matte, but you wish it was? You can lightly tap a translucent powder on your lips using and eyeshadow brush after applying your lipstick as you normally would. This helps prolong the time it remains on your lips, and also helps mattify its appearance.

Pick Products Carefully

Of course, the main key behind making makeup last all day is to choose your products carefully. There are some specifically designed to be long lasting, which often gives you a leg up without doing anything else. In addition, you should pay attention to your skin and its eccentricities. For instance, choosing a foundation meant for oily skin will not work as well on dry skin. Make sure you choose those appropriate products to put yourself in the best possible position before trying other methods of making makeup last all day.

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