When To Throw Away Makeup

makeupMost people who use makeup want to get as much out of it was they can, so that they’ve gotten their money’s worth. After all, makeup can get quite pricey! This often leads to people squeezing every last drop out of their foundation and trying very hard to use all of the mascara in the tube it came in. Though it is tempting, you should not always do this. Why? Makeup has an expiry date. At best, using makeup past this date will just mean it’s not as effective. At the worst, you could end up with skin irritations or infections.

Few know makeup has an expiry date, and fewer still know what those dates are. Thankfully, we are here to help. We’ve collected the expiry dates for popular kinds of makeup to help guide you.

Eye Makeup

What makeup do you put around your eyes? For most people, this includes mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner. Some may even use makeup to help define their eyebrows. In terms of liquid eyeliner and mascara, you should replace them every three months, even if you still have product left. Not doing so means you are risking introducing harmful bacteria to your eyes, which can result in a nasty eye infection.

If you use an eyeliner pencil, you can likely get away with up to a year to two years of use—since it’s not liquid, it does not breed bacteria nearly as fast. This is also the case with cream and powder eye shadows—with the former, you have roughly a year, and with the latter, you can extend it to two years. This once again comes down to how fast bacteria can grow.

Face Makeup

General products for your face, such as foundation, blush, and concealer, lasts depending on two factors. One, if it’s liquid or powder (with cream in the middle). The second factor is how often you use it. For liquid, you can get away with roughly six months of use—stop after this, as constantly dipping your brushes or fingers in the bottles increases the bacteria. Powders last for longer, with up to two years of use if you clean your brushes regularly.

Lip Products

Once again, it comes down to water content—most lipsticks and glosses will last for roughly a year before you want to seriously consider throwing them away. In the case of lip liner, you can likely get away with two years if it’s a pencil, since sharpening it helps remove the old surface.

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