Summer Skin Care Tips

Most everyone loves summer and if you are of a certain age, you remember how much everyone wanted a great tan back then. Not only would people bake in the sun for hours, they would even put baby oil on their skin to speed up the process and hold little reflector panels up to their face.

Of course, in 2017, we look back on that and cringe. With so much of the ozone layer gone and more and more details emerging about the skin damage that can occur with UV exposure, many people are taking the time to enjoy the sun, while also protecting themselves from it.

Moderating your sun exposure and using sun block are widely known and practiced methods of preserving your skin’s natural beauty. Here are a few more to consider:

  • Stay hydrated. Water is not the most exciting drink around, but it’s one that all of us need. It flushes out toxins and helps us to stay hydrated. If you think you won’t remember to have your regular eight glasses a day, carry a water bottle with you.
  • Minimize your make-up. Even the best quality makeup can be hard on your skin after awhile. Summer is a great time to go for a natural look! You can always wear some lip gloss or lip balm to help protect against dryness. Go for an SPF of 20.
  • Dress right. Even kids understand the benefits of a hat and sunglasses. You probably also already guessed that lighter is better when it comes to clothes. However, did you know that there is now clothing designed to protect you from UV rays? Stocked in certain specialty shops, they carry a UPF 30 ranking, which provides ample protection.
  • Sunless tanning. Want to look good without the risks? You can alternate between healthy levels of sun exposure and choosing a sunless tanning alternative instead. They come in gel, spray, lotion, and cream form, and most are good at not leaving streaks.

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