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Ulcers development, of any type, can be painful and lead to life altering health complications. Indicative of an adverse health complication, individuals who develop ulcers must treat not only the ulcerative complication, but likewise the underlying health complication that gave rise to the ulcer.

In some patients, there’s a rare development of ulcers with no underlying cause or origin. Known as Recurrent aphthous stomatitis, RAS, it is likely that nearly 20 per cent of all adults suffer from this complication at some time in their lives. Occurring more often in female than in males, and is especially dominant in the seasons of winter and spring, sufferers of RAS develop ulcers, normally in the mouth, and may be classified as minor or major.

If you suffer from a minor development of an ulcer in and in the mouth, the complication may be combined with recurrent aphthous stomatitis, RAS. While the condition may be hereditary, many adults suffer from the complication with no apparent underlying connection. Without proper treatment, the minor RAS ulcer may evolve into a classification of major, impairing your ability to eat, speak and even reduce your quality of living with significant pain. While most cases resolve spontaneously, there are remedies you can consider to relieve the pain and improve your daily activities.

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In many cases, when medical treatment is sought for a complication of mouth ulcers, especially in the development of recurrent aphthous stomatitis, RAS, your doctor will prescribe prescription medications. Because RAS isn’t linked to any fungal, viral or bacterial infection, the best prescription remedy involves the use of both topical, corticosteroids, and oral. However, because corticosteroids lead to adverse health complications, including depressed immune system, the use of corticosteroids may not necessarily be your first treatment of choice.

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In many cases, complications associated with infection, such as candidiasis can be resolved without further complication. However, it is important to take the necessary measures to prevent further outbreak. While we all carry a healthy level of Candida in our systems, when this overgrowth occurs, candidiasis can lead to health complication of not just the oral cavity, but of other organs as well.

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Some patients with RAS are finding the improvement in symptoms with the use of olive leaf extract, as a more natural healing option. Within the olive leaf extract, the occurrence of phenolic compounds serve to promote healing, prevent recurrence, and even more importantly, to reduce pain. Using the olive leaf extract as a gargle, individuals who suffer from RAS find they receive significant improvement without the necessity to use corticosteroids or other antiviral medications. In addition, the use of olive leaf extract, with mouthwash, may also be safe with any other medications you may be taking as it isn’t believed to adversely interact with other products.

Mouth ulcers of any sort can be debilitating and quite painful. To reduce pain, many sufferers immediately seek the help of a physician, often resulting in a prescription of corticosteroids. If you suffer from mouth ulcers, specifically those associated with recurrent aphthous stomatitis, RAS, visit a local natural health store and inquire about the use of olive leaf extracts. With simply administration, most complications associated with RAS can be resolved after a few days, reducing the risk for recurrence.

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