Why You Shouldn’t Google Your Symptoms

Just about everyone has done it at least once. Googling our symptoms, such as an ache in our tooth, stomach pain, et cetera, is very common. It is an easy way, most people believe, of finding out what might be wrong with them and what they can do about it without spending time and possible money. However, just about every doctor out there will tell you not to google your symptoms, even if the thought is tempting. Why, you might wonder? Here are three significant reasons why you are better off waiting to talk to a professional.

Inaccurate Results

Did you know you can get a different result from inputting the same symptoms into different online symptom checkers? This means you are often dealing with inaccurate results.

Furthermore, symptom checkers tend to put the most severe results higher on the list than strictly necessary. This is why you tend to see conditions such as cancer on most lists after inputting even basic symptoms.

Unnecessary Worry

Just because you get a result from an online symptom checker does not mean that is what is wrong with you. Even if it is, it does not mean you can actually do much about the situation yourself, which means you are still going to have to wait to visit your primary doctor in order to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan. With the dread of what’s wrong handing above your head, googling your symptoms just causes unnecessary worry.

Clogging The System

If you google your symptoms and receive a result indicating you might have something serious, you are likely to either book an appointment with your doctor, go to a walk in clinic, or visit the emergency room. However, as stated, the result you get may not be accurate. This means you could very well be clogging the system and making someone who really needs the attention in the emergency room wait longer without true need.


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