Revealing Information About Allantoin

Allantoin is a natural active ingredient that can be obtained in comfrey plants.  It can also be in the uric acid of most mammals.  It promotes healing of the skin.  Allantoin is safe and non-toxic and is generally used in cosmetics.  It has a moisturizing effect and promotes wound healing.  It increases the smoothness of the skin because it hastens the growth of healthy tissue.  You may see that it can help minimize the appearance of blemishes and other skin imperfections with the growth of healthy tissue.

Comfrey plants have wound and bone healing benefits. While comfrey plants contain other components, one of its major components is allantoin. Comfrey plant itself is employed to help speed the healing of fractures, broken bones, bruises, and burns. The allantoin content of comfrey helps in wound healing and tissue regeneration. Comfrey isn’t recommended to be taken orally because it can be poisonous and can give rise to severe liver damage. Applying comfrey or allantoin in deep wounds should be avoided particularly when it isn’t cleaned properly. The reason behind this is the rapid healing properties of comfrey or allantoin may trap dirt inside the body and may lead to other skin problems in the future.

Were you aware of that?

Acne Vanishing Mask-This mask contains Allantoin, Hydrogenated castor oil and Glycerin among others. Allantoin is a non-allergic and soothing part of the mask that also helps to heal skin damaged by Acne.

Going Forward…

If you see a product that contains greater than the recommended dosage of 2.0 %, it can only be safe anymore. It should also serve as an application for external use only.

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