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How has the global economic crisis affected women’s beauty habits? The Los Angeles Times decided to tackle that question over the weekend by looking into how spas in Southern California have changed their offerings to match consumers’ budgets.

The verdict? 86 percent of spas are now offering shorter sessions. Anything from makeup applications to full body massages that used to be offered in just 60 or 90-minute sessions can now be done in cheaper, 30-minute sessions.

Most spas are reporting that visits are up 58 percent from 2009, as a result. This only means that an average woman would still invest in a good form of relaxation offered to them by these spas.

We can’t disagree with that

More research is showing that makeup also has an interesting relation with the economy. According to a 2008 study by makeup brand L’Oreal, 63 percent of women surveyed had skipped haircuts to save money but 90 percent said their cosmetic purchases had not changed at all.

Other Important Make-up Considerations

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These same women reported a belief that wearing makeup gave them an advantage to the labour market and helped them feel more confident.

The fact of the problem is, women want to feel good no matter what their bank account says. Most women think that makeup will give them the looks and the confidence.

In parties, the workplace, or formal events, women seems to believe that having makeup on will definitely make them shine.

It might be something as simple as buying a new lipstick or trying out a new color. However, it’s what that product makes us feel that counts.

Our advice? If you love a product, do not worry about what the packaging says. You can splurge on an expensive eye shadow but then top it off using the same drug store mascara you have been wearing since you were 15.

You can also make it a goal to use up the latest of a product before you try out a new one. In uncertain times, doing one small thing that makes you feel good can go a very long way.

The study by L’Oreal also pointed out that more women were wearing neutral colors since the fiscal crisis. Most women will prefer something basic that they are able to use every day in every possible event of the week thus saving more.

The studies of L’Oreal has proven that women still invest in looking good even in this looming economic crisis. Although they still invest hundreds of dollars on makeup women today appear to have valued the practicality of the makeup, focusing more and more in its daily usage than luxury.

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