How To Make Exercise Enjoyable

Exercise is a cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle—without it you are at a higher risk of health issues later in life, in addition to struggles with your weight coming up sooner. Want to ensure you stay in shape? Want to make sure you are having fun while you exercise? Studies show if you enjoy exercise you are far more likely to stick to your routine. So how can you enjoy your exercise? We’re here to show you now:

Pick Something You Like

What kind of physical activity do you actually like to do? Is it beach volleyball? What about dance or Zumba? When building your exercise routine, make sure you pick activities you actually enjoy doing. Even if on paper they might not be as effective as traditional activities like running on a treadmill or interval training, you are far more likely to continue with them on a regular basis. In fact, the most effective exercise is useless if you do not engage in it regularly!

Add Some Music

Want to boost your mood while you are exercising? Put on some music! You can use an mp3 player while running outside or on the treadmill, or use Bluetooth speakers during a team sport like beach volleyball. You can pick whatever music you enjoy the most, but if you are unsure we recommend sticking to upbeat tunes to boost your energy and mood while you are working out. Not only will your mood boost, but the time actually tends to go much faster when your music is playing.

Watch Your Pace

Sometimes if you overdo it, whether in the frequency of your exercise or the intensity during a session, your enjoyment goes down quite dramatically. This is precisely why you should watch your pace! Make sure you are not trying to pack in too many workouts every week (every day might not be realistic for you) and ensure you are not completely exhausting yourself during a session. You want to have some exertion and some tired muscles, but complete exhaustion will do you no favours in terms of enjoyment.


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