Items For A Basic Makeup Kit

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So you want to build a makeup kit? The items in everyone’s bag will vary widely based not only on personal preference, but also their daily routine. For instance, someone working in show business likely carries more in their kits than someone who works in a retail store.

Since the items can vary widely, we cannot tell you everything you need in your makeup kit. However, we have gathered some basic items, including what function they perform, to help build your basic makeup kit. Customize from here!


If you are going to wear any makeup, we highly recommend including primer in your makeup kit. This recommendation comes because primer helps give your skin a smooth canvas upon which to apply your makeup, as well as because it often helps the rest of your makeup to stay on much longer than if you did not use it. This is perfect for those who live busy lives and do not have time to touch up during the day.

Foundation and Concealer

If you are going to wear makeup in an attempt to have blemish-free and smooth skin, want to eliminate dark circles, et cetera, be sure to include quality foundation and concealer in your basic makeup kit. These products will help even your skin tone, while also providing you with the ideal canvas upon which to add the other elements, such as blush and bronzer.


Many people need to add some colour in their cheeks, particularly if they choose to wear foundation. This is where blush comes in as an essential piece of your basic makeup kit. If you are opting for just including one blush, we recommend including a natural or rose coloured blush in your makeup kit for the best and most versatile results.


Even if you do not wear anything else, just a little swish of lipstick can lift your look dramatically! Of course, there is a wide variety of colours available, particularly when you consider the different brands out there. If you’re only going to purchase one colour, however, as would be the case for many basic makeup kits, we recommend choosing a neutral shade. This helps ensure you can use it in more situations.


Need to make your eyes pop? Include a tube of mascara in your basic makeup kit! Though you can purchase mascara in colours like blue, purple, and green, we recommend sticking to black or brown for the most natural results.

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