How To Clean Makeup Brushes

makeup brushesDid you know you have to clean your makeup brushes regularly? If you do not, you are introducing more bacteria than necessary to your face, which can cause issues such as severe acne breakouts. No one wants that! This is especially because many people just use more makeup in order to cover up the problem, but not cleaning your brushes will simply make it worse.

Thus, remembering to clean your brushes is essential. Wondering how to actually do it? We’re here to help with that!


For this method, you need either a gentle clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo. Start by running your makeup brushes in lukewarm water, being sure to let the water avoid the connection of the bristles to the handle (you do not want to loosen the glue).

Then, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a small amount of your shampoo. Carefully dip the bristles into the bowl and use your fingers to gently agitate the bristles to clean out the makeup residue. Continue to do this until no more residue come out. Finish by rinsing the bristles under lukewarm water. Make sure the water runs clear and then pat the bristles dry on a paper towel. Reshape the bristles and leave the brushes on the towel until they are completely dry.

Soap and Water

This method is very much the same as using baby shampoo to clean your makeup brushes, only you want to have a gentle soap on hand (many recommend Castille soap). Once again you want to run the bristles under lukewarm water first before dipping them in a bowl of water with a little soap. Gently rub the bristles again until things run clear and rinse once more with just water. Pat dry with a paper towel. Reshape the bristles into the appropriate formation and let dry.


For heavily soiled or otherwise hard to clean brushes, you will want to add some oil into one of the previous processes. Many recommend rinsing your brushes under the water, using oil to loosen the makeup (one or two drops per brush, depending on size) and then proceeding with the shampoo or soap and water method.

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