Ceramide Methods

Hypertension can be caused by the hardening of our blood vessels as we get older. As we understand, hypertension can lead to cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide and which, in some form, affects 80 % of older Americans.

The accepted view is that as we age, our capillary lose their elasticity triggering them to set, which in turn raises our blood pressure levels.

The answer, it seems, is that the cellular level procedure that sends out chemical signals to our blood vessels telling them to unwind begin to break down as we get older.

A complex enzymatic reaction called ‘phosphorylation’ that is important to the signalling procedure loses about half of its efficiency in aging blood vessels. Hence, the study found, was because of the decrease in the activity of an enzyme called AKT and excess activity of phosphatases.

And Now For The Best Of Ceramide

Mielke? s team assessed data from 120 likely Alzheimer? s patients at the Alzheimer? s Disease and Memory Disorders Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, determining a variety of fats discovered in the patients? The blood, in addition to conducting cognitive evaluations throughout approximately 4.2 visits over 2.3 years. The scientists found that the greater the level of plasma? and the lower the level of ceramide? 2 kinds of fat discovered in cells throughout the body? the slower the development of the dementia of Alzheimer? s illness.

Although the researchers emphasize that the link in between the fats and AD is not well understood,? are involved in inflammation and cell death. If there are less of these cell-killing ceramides circulating? which in turn may be exterminating less vital brain cells? the result could be a slower illness development, Mielke states. Meanwhile, a previous research study by Mielke and her team revealed that greater ceramide levels were associated with greater shrinkage of the brain?s memory center over one year in clients with moderate cognitive problems. Fundamental science data have actually also connected ceramide levels and levels of the protein amyloid beta, the build-up which has actually been tied to Alzheimer?s illness.

The scientists likewise discovered that ceramides, a type of fat, are mostly responsible for the excess activity of phosphatases.

A diet that is rich in a variety fresh fruit and vegetables was discovered to slow down the loss of blood vessel function. This, the researchers state, points the method of using diet to avoid the decrease in blood vessel function with age.

We have to improve our diet now if we desire to prevent the development of age related high blood pressure.

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