Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen

Everyone knows wearing sunscreen when they will be outside in the sun will help prevent a sunburn, since the lotion protects them from the sun’s rays. However, there are even more benefits to wearing sunscreen, especially when you wear it every day (even when it is cloudy out). Let’s review the major benefits of wearing sunscreen, beyond preventing a sunburn, right now:

Prevents Premature Aging

Beyond burning your skin, sun exposure can result in accelerated damage and aging in your skin. You are far more likely to see things like wrinkles sooner if you do not wear sunscreen when you venture outside. Thus, wearing a simple layer each day can help slow the effects of premature aging, including preventing wrinkles from forming for as long as possible.

Lowers Risk of Skin Cancer

Did you know the rate of skin cancer is on the rise? While there are different causes, prolonged sun exposure (those UV rays are quite damaging) have been linked to an increased risk of developing this harmful and often deadly disease. Make sure you slash your risk as much as possible by wearing sunscreen outside! While you are still exposed to the sun’s UV rays when it is cloudy out, you should at least always wear some when it is sunny. Be sure to reapply throughout the day!

Promotes Even Skin

Always wearing a layer on sunscreen helps to prevent spots of discolouration (often the result of sun exposure) as well as acne, if you choose the appropriate sunscreen. Both of these things actually make for an uneven skin tone, so by preventing their occurrence, you are reducing the unevenness in your own skin. While doing so, you should take action to eliminate any discolouration you do have, so you can embrace even skin for the rest of your days.

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