Basic Night Skincare Routine

To make your skin the best it can be, you need to have both a morning as well as a night skincare routine. We’ve already shared a basic morning skincare routine with you, so it is time to run through what your night routine should look like. Yes, the two of them are different! Here’s the breakdown:

Step One: Makeup Remover

Did you wear any makeup during the day? It does not matter how much you wore, even if it was just a little bit of blush. If you wore makeup, you need a quality makeup remover (ideally one that will work for your eyes so you do not need two products) in your night skincare routine. Follow the directions on your makeup remover to ensure you clean your face well.

Step Two: Cleanser

Once your face is free of makeup, you should apply a gentle cleanser to ensure any other impurities vanish from your face. In general, you can use the same cleanser at night as you do in the morning,. Just remember to rub it gently so you do not irritate your skin!

Step Three: Toner

Like the morning, you want to use a toner on your skin after you cleanse it This helps you even your skin tone, prevent future acne breakouts, et cetera. You can find toners specific for dry, sensitive, and oily skin, among others. Toner is not a one size fits all solution, so make sur you know your skin and what it needs when you go to make your purchase.

Step Four: Moisturizer/Night Cream


Before you turn in for the night, apply a good moisturizer or night cream on your face and rub it in gently (but well). This helps ensure you do not experience excess dryness. You want your skin smooth and hydrated—the moisturizer will help with this! If you often experience oily skin or acne, you still need to apply moisturizer. Just look closer at the labels and go either oil-free or find one specifically formulated for oily skin.

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