Basic Morning Skincare Routine

When you get up in the morning, the first things you need to do are to get dressed and embark on your skincare routine. Far too many people simply ditch the skincare routine in the morning and go about their day. This is not the best course of action by any means, especially if you are applying makeup or will be spending time outside your home. If you want to maintain healthy looking skin, you need a good morning skincare routine and you need to commit to it. The exact routine and the products will shift based on your skin type and its needs, but there are a few essential steps in every basic morning skincare routine. Here they are now:

Step One: Cleanser

When you wake up, you need to wash your face. Start with a cleanser suited to your skin type and its needs. For instance, if you have oily skin and experience acne, there are cleansers specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of your blemishes and stop the overproduction of oil. These cleansers, however, would be unsuitable for dry skin (those will have their own). Follow the directions on the cleanser itself for proper use and best results.

Step Two: Toner

Once you have cleansed your face, you can move onto using a toner. This is the first piece to help maintain an even skin tone and protect your face. Once again, you can find toners designed for specific skin types (e.g. dry, sensitive, oily). Make sure you pick one best suited to your type. As with the cleanser, you want to apply it according to the package directions.

Step Three: Moisturizer

Moving on, you should pick out a nice, light daily moisturizer. This should be different than what you might use at night, since those night creams and moisturizers tend to be richer. Yes, you do need to moisturize even if you have oily skin. Just look for an oil-free product, paying close attention to anything marked to help with oily skin.

Step Four: Protect and Prep

You are almost finished! Now you need to make sure you protect your skin for the day ahead and prep it should you want to apply makeup. This means applying a nice sunscreen or primer containing some SPF protection. Once you gently rub the product into your skin, you are ready for the day!

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