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Actinic keratoses are rough spots that can be found on the surface area of the skin. From the size of a pin to the size of a coin, every spot may differ in size from another. Leaving this skin condition untreated, may result in having skin cancer.

Those individuals who have light skin tones and are 40 years above or old are the ones who have the tendency to struggle with actinic keratoses. There are also cases where teenagers are influenced by this condition. In order to avoid the development of cancer cells, it is essential to have these areas got rid off the skin. Your health is most at stake if you are simply going to neglect this skin condition. Then, once again, it does not necessarily mean that you will ultimately develop cancer if you have actinic keratosis.

Talking About Actinic..

One in every 5 American individuals will contract skin cancer during their life. Over the last three years, lots of individuals have established skin cancer than all the other cancers assembled. Actinic keratosis can be terrible, and it is a typical precancerous skin sore condition and affects almost 60 million Americans.

One excellent piece of advice is to understand the best ways to identify an actinic keratosis. There may be differences between how actinic keratosis appears on one person and how it does on another. Since the areas are typically of the same color as that of the skin, actinic keratosis is not right away seen. Given that there are times when the areas are so little, observing them can be challenging.

The color of the spots due to actinic keratosis might range from tones of red to brown to hues of pink to gray. The texture of the affected part of the skin is usually rough. A lot of commonality, the spots appear on the scalp of individuals who are bald, or on the ears, nose, lips, back of the hands, arms, etc. – those areas of the body that receive too much exposure to the sun. Apart from its slow growth, it can be kept in mind that its reappearance is deceiving because it can come back on the same part of the skin. It has to be noted that actinic keratosis involves blood loss and itchiness.

Being exposed to the sun for the past years might bring about the look of actinic keratosis. The scaly appearance of the skin can be credited to the too much exposure to the sun that damages the skin. The abrupt rough structure of the skin can also be made more obvious by the obvious spots.

Despite the fact that it is not a condition that is genetic nor is it an illness that is infectious, it is still best to seek the assistance of a doctor if there are indications of actinic keratosis being apparent on your skin. Those who have fair skin tones and are routinely exposed to the sun are the ones who are probably experiencing this skin problem. If you are having doubts about the spots that are appearing on your skin, do not be reluctant to consult your doctor to know exactly what the issue is and for advice on how to eliminate the undesirable spots such as actinic keratoses.

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