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A premalignant condition such as actinic keratosis can cause something worse, like a squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is the 2nd most usual type of skin cancer and generally impacts locations that get the most direct exposure to the sun such as the face. You have to have actinic keratosis eliminated to reduce your risks of having skin cancer.

Actinic keratosis is caused by the irregular maturation of keratinocytes. The rough and scaly characteristic is contributed by the thickening of the epidermis on the afflicted part. The name keratosis is stemmed from the word ‘keratin’. Because of that, actinic keratosis seems rough and solid.

The Other Side Of Actinic

Actinic keratosis can progress to squamous cell carcinoma if it is left unattended. Since they are flat and thin, squamous cells are easily harmed by UV rays. So, one might choose to have these actinic keratoses removed to stay clear of the additional risk of cancer.

It would be smart to have it removed from your skin before it will certainly get to develop into squamous cell cancer if you have actinic keratosis. It does not indicate that you will be in for cancer, but you must take all the necessary steps to defer any opportunity of getting it.

Many treatments for actinic keratosis are now available, and it’s up to you which kind of treatment would suit you fine. It also depends upon your budget and the intensity of your condition.

With the use of extremely low temperature to remove broken cells, cryosurgery eliminates actinic keratosis. Usually, liquid nitrogen makes use of of this type of treatment.

Cryosurgery works like electricity, however, this time, exceptionally low temperature level is made use of to remove skin cells impacted with AK. Liquid nitrogen is used for this procedure.

Actinic, or the common name, imiquimod is an immune response modifier which can assist the removal of actinic keratosis. For the treatment to be efficient, you had to be very identified despite the agony you will be suffering.

Actinic which passes trade names Aldara or Beselna, is a cream which is categorized as an immune response modifier. Treating yourself with this can cause discomfort, however, if you are truly determined to get rid of your actinic keratosis, then you should withstand the side effects it can trigger.

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