A Spotlight On Calendula

A good bulk supply is always kept on hand. We also infuse it into oil, as well as making creams, tincture, and ointments.

Calendula is used both internally as a tea or tincture for digestive issues, and externally for bug bites, rashes, and other skin issues. It is the go to herb for just about every ailment. It is often combined with other herbs for their healing benefits, as well.

More About Calendula

Calendula, is a valuable herb to have on hand, as it can be used internally and externally for many common ailments.

If you’re fortunate enough to be growing Calendula, fresh Calendula leaves are delicious when added to your favorite salad. Just pick a pair of flower head and pull out the petals. Add them to your salad.

Although Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is native to southern Europe, it’s now grown worldwide. In most gardens, it is grown as an annual. If planted in spring, the plant will bloom until the first hard frost. It even blooms after the first snow. It is easily grown by seed each year. Sometimes it actually self propagates. If the seeds fall to the earth, it may come back the next year. Calendula flourishes in most any soil and is easily grown. The petals are harvested harvested in summer, and dried for later use. You can make a tincture from the fresh flower petals. The fresh petals can also serve to make an infused oil.

Calendula is native to southern Europe. However, it is now cultivated throughout the world for it’s healing properties. It is easily grown from seed. It flourishes in almost any soil. When sown in the garden in spring, the flower will be among the last to die in the garden. It can outlast the deepest frosts, and even stands as the first snows fall. The flowers are harvested in summer and dried for later use. You can save the seeds each year, and grow them in your garden each year. Store the seeds in a dry place.

Doctors were in very short supply during the American Civil War. This meant recruiting women who knew how to deal with patients. Many women back there were their family’s doctor using herbs such as calendula from their garden.

Calendula is one of the finest natural antiseptic, antiviral, anti, and antibiotic-fungal herbs you can grow. Externally, it can be utilized for cuts, minor burns, rashes, scrapes, and other skin inflammations. It is above all else one of the most beautiful skin remedies, but is likewise used as an internally remedy.

On the skin, calendula can serve as an oil, liniment, cream, or ointment for topical use. Because of it’s anti-inflammatory action, wounds treated with calendula tend to have less pain, and heal in less than time than if left on it’s own. Calendula herb is makes a great topical cream for mild sunburn. The oil or cream is wonderful for relieving cradle cap in babies. Creams are sometimes mixed with other skin healing herbs to maximize it’s benefits.

Calendula tincture is great for cleaning of a wound. Mix a 50/50 dilution of water and tincture into a small bowl or pan. Thoroughly clean wound. It may sting a little, because the tincture has alcohol in it, but it’s only temporary. Be sure to come out all dirt. You can follow up with a topical application of Calendula ointment or cream topically 3-4 times a day while symptoms persist. Calendula will help fight off infections. It is the natural version of Neosporin, without all the harsh chemicals.

Calendula ointment or creams is a definite essential herbal healer to add to your first aid kit for all areas of the body.

Take one tablespoon of calendula and place it into a non metallic pan. Add one cup of water, and heat to just below the boiling point. It shouldn’t boil, as this can destroy the herb. Allow to sit for 10-20 minutes and then strain into a tea cup. A medicinal dose of calendula tea is 3-5 cups a day while symptoms are present.

If you have a tea press, otherwise known as a coffee press, you can also use this option to make your tea. Add one tablespoon for every cup of water being used. Place herb into the lower part of the tea press. Heat water on stove. Pour the hot water over the herb. Place the plunger onto the tea press, and let sit 10-20 minutes. Plunge the press down, and drink.

Taken internally, calendual can help the digestive system with inflammatory and bacterial conditions.

Calendula is very cleansing for the liver and gallbladder and can be used in order to treat problems affecting these organs. When afflicted by gallstones, calendula can help to remove them. The herb helps to bring the gall bladder back to a healthy state in order that it can perform it’s tasks properly.

CALENDULA Calendula is a valuable herb for digestive inflammations and complaints such as gastric and duodenal ulcers. Calendula is helpful for treating fungal infections, and is also served to treat skin diseases and delayed menstruation. Externally calendula promotes healing of slow healing wounds, skin ulcers, the skin, minor burns, scalds, and external hemorrhage.

To use orally, you would drink it as an infusion (tea) up to 4 times a day. You can also take it as a tincture, but as many people are susceptible to alcohol, a tea works really well.

When picking calendula flowers from the garden be sure that they’re the Calendula officinalis and not Tagetes species, of which the French, African, and Mexican marigolds are common. Each herb has different properties. Tagetes shouldn’t serve as a tea.

Tagetes is used as an antifungal that is employed to treat fungus of the nails and athletes feet. Tagetes is also used as a natural insecticides or weedkillers.

This article isn’t meant to diagnose, or treat any illness. It is written to educate on the wonders of healing with herbs. Herbs have been used for thousands of years. Long before one would take a pill, herbs were being used to heal.

Herbs are natural. However, they’re medicine. Herbs should be interpreted with the same respect as OTC and prescription medications are. Natural doesn’t mean more is better. Taking more doesn’t equal faster results.

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