3 Sensitive Skin Care Tips

sensitive skinEveryone’s skin is a little bit different, which is why it is hard to recommend specific products to everyone. This applies to both skin care products like cleansers and moisturizers, as well as the wide variety of beauty products out there. However, despite how it can be tasking for everyone to find a product that works, it is even harder for those of us with sensitive skin on top of everything else. Your skin can be oily, dry, et cetera, but if you have sensitive oily skin or sensitive dry skin—your problems double. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when searching for skin care products for sensitive skin:

Test Products First

Testing the products whenever possible is key if you have sensitive skin. Test anything you want on an inconspicuous patch of skin (e.g. behind your ear or on the inside of your elbow) and watch it over 24 hours. If you do not have a reaction, you can then consider applying it as normal. However, if your skin is hypersensitive, make sure you watch how much you use, as well as how often you use it. Too much too soon can result in backlash, such as with acne products that can dry out your skin.

Read The Labels

Reading the labels on everything, including the products that do not work for your skin, is essential if you want to be smart about the products you purchase and use on your skin. Doing so with the products that have caused a reaction on your skin is especially important, as it can reveal common ingredients. If you spot a trend in what makes your skin react, you can avoid products with those in the future.

Look For Unscented

There is a reason you should not always look for hypoallergenic products for your skin—there are not a lot of regulations for putting this word on the containers, which means they might not be as effective as you might think. However, it is important to note that scents in your skin care products and makeup are often the culprits behind the most reactions from sensitive skin. Look for products specifically marked unscented or ones without fragrance or parfum listed in the ingredients.

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