3 Reasons To Choose Unscented Products

unscented productsThere are countless skin and beauty products out there. In fact, there are so many of them that it can be overwhelming to choose something for your skin and lifestyle. What does your skin need? What are you looking for in beauty products? Although scented skin and beauty products are really nice—you could smell like peaches, vanilla, just about anything you want—you should highly consider going for unscented products. Why, you might ask? Here are three significant reasons to help you make your decision:

Less Chance Of A Reaction

Most people with sensitive skin have more success with using unscented products. This is because the “fragrance”, “parfum”, and other scents you can find in skin and beauty products are the culprits behind the majority of skin reactions, outside of specific allergies. In fact, even some people without a history of sensitive skin can have reactions to certain scents in their skin and beauty products. Unscented choices help reduce the chances of this!

More Natural and Organic

On average, unscented skin and beauty products are more natural and organic than those products with scents. This is especially the case when you have scents listed as fragrance or parfum, since these are often highly chemical and artificial in nature. Thus, for those who are trying to choose natural and organic skin or beauty products (perhaps even both skin and beauty), unscented products provide the perfect starting point.

Unclogged Pores

Did you know that some of the artificial scents in various skin and beauty products can actually clog your pores? This can also happen, of course, if you do not chose an appropriate product for your skin type regardless of anything else, but you can make it even worse with fragrance. On average, people report fewer clogged pores and better results when they are using unscented products on their skin.

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