3 Health Benefits of Yoga

yogaYoga is all around us. It seems like it is increasing in popularity as each day goes by. But what is it exactly? What good is it doing your body? Can you really improve your overall health and wellness by practicing yoga? Yoga does your body a lot of good in a wide variety of ways and yes, you can greatly improve your overall health and wellness. Here are 3 significant health benefits of yoga:

Lowers Chances of Injury

Do you do any form of exercise such as running, lifting weights, biking, et cetera? Unfortunately, all of these comes with a certain level of risk in terms of injuring yourself. Injuries with exercise can either occur because you are trying to do too much for your fitness level, or you accidentally push yourself into doing an exercise improperly (including failing to warm up your body). Practicing yoga on a regular basis, particularly as a warm up to other forms of exercise, helps to keep your body limber and thus reduces your chances of injury.

Improves Flexibility and Strength

Yoga is not an incredibly great form of cardio exercise for the most part. However, it is great at promoting strength in a variety of forms (e.g. in your arms so you can do more push ups and lift more weight) and helps your blood flow, which in turn increases your overall flexibility. Both of these help you in other aspects of exercise and also helps your daily activities in ways you may not even notice unless you look for them, but would greatly appreciate.

Reduces Stress

Life can get quite stressful. Different people can have different stressors—nothing is the exact same for everyone. Common sources of stress include work, relationships, and finances. It is important, regardless of what is causing you stress, to always look to reduce your stress levels in order to prevent it from getting out of hand. Yoga is a fantastic way of doing this, since it helps you turn your attention inward and focus on your breathing. Try it out the next time you are stressed! Simple poses include savasana (corpse pose), downward dog, and child’s pose.

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