3 Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is perhaps the most common and simple form of physical activity there is for most people. Many individuals, however, discount it in favour of other activities such as weight lifting, running, and high-intensity cardio in their local gyms. While those forms of exercises are also beneficial, discounting the benefits of walking is detrimental. To that end, here are 3 significant health benefits of walking regularly:

Weight Loss

Yes, you really can walk it all off! Going on regular walks, long walks, and vigorous walks all help to burn calories. When you combine the physical activity of a regular walk along with a healthy and balanced diet, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to lose weight in a steady and safe manner. This is actually one of the safest things to do rather than restricting your diet and going for extreme exercise. Dramatic weight loss in a short space of time can cause many issues with your health and actually maintaining the weight loss on a long term basis.

Disease Prevention

Simply going for a walk every day can help you dramatically reduce your risk of many diseases, including heart disease. It is all connected to staying active and healthy. Yes, you can go for more intense exercises, but in fact for the benefits like disease prevention simply need regular brisk walking!

Energy And Happiness

Walking on a regular basis (e.g. a 20 minute walk every day) boosts your energy simply because it keeps you active and keeps your blood flowing. In addition to this, many reports indicate the regular walking sessions boost happiness, particularly when people take the time to go on hiking trails or walk through a nice park. The nature makes everyone’s mood much better, for the most part. Take advantage of this the next time you want to go out for a walk.


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