3 Health Benefits of Pilates

pilatesOne of the keys to your overall health is to engage in regular exercise. You have to keep moving! Sometimes, however, it can be hard to really pick what you want to do to stay active, particularly if you are not aware of the exact benefits you can expect to receive. The good news? We’ve compiled the major health benefits of Pilates to show exactly why this exercise is excellent for your health.

Prevent Injuries

A good portion of Pilates involves stretching your body. It helps to both elongate as well as strengthen your muscles, building them up to be long and lean rather than short and bulky. The latter is common among traditional workouts. Furthermore, Pilates actually works your whole body, rather than traditional exercises working the same muscles all the time. This helps you avoid muscular imbalance, which in turn helps to lessen the potential for exercise-induced injuries, in tandem with the increased flexibility and strength.

Develops Strong Core Muscles

One of the most common things people want to see when they exercise are their abs. Their abs need to be strong! The good news is one of the major health benefits of Pilates is building strong core muscles (your abs). A lot of strength and wellness comes directly from your core, especially where exercise and mobility is considered.

Injury Recovery

In addition to helping prevent injuries, Pilates is an excellent choice if you are already suffering from an injury or if you are recovering from a surgery. This is because while Pilates is an extremely effective and challenging workout, it is also gentle on your joints, which are often the most common sites of exercise-induced injuries. If also helps to ease the pain from back-related injuries. It is so effective with post-injury and post-surgery recovery that many rehabilitation facilities actually put Pilates on their roster!

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