3 Benefits of Drinking Water

Everyone, from your doctor to your mother, will tell you to drink more water. Water is the best form of hydration, after all. But why exactly do we need to drink a lot of water throughout the day? What are the actual benefits? There are many health benefits to drinking water, but for now we will focus on three key ones.

Fewer Headaches

Did you know dehydration is a key cause of headaches? In fact, if you cannot easily identify a cause (e.g. you were not just hit in the head, did not have a long crying session), chances are the reason your head hurts is because you are not drinking enough water. The water helps your blood flow through your veins, which lessens the potential for pain.

Beyond the headaches specifically, drinking a sufficient amount of water also means lessened severity and frequency of cramps, muscle strains, et cetera. Drinking water means less pain and injury!

Clearer Skin

Have you ever had an issue with acne and other blemishes, uneven skin tone, or other skin issues? One of the simplest and most effective things you can to help clear you skin is to keep drinking water. Hydration helps to flush toxins from your body, many of which are key in blocking your pores, causing an overproduction of oil, and otherwise resulting in acne and skin blemishes.

Energy Boost

Do you feel fatigued a lot? Try avoiding coffee and start drinking higher quantities of water. While this may seem counterproductive, getting enough water helps your body function more efficiently, which means less energy output on just making sure your body functions and carries you through the day. This means you will not be as fatigued as you might be if your body had to work harder just to function on a base level. Avoiding coffee helps with this, as coffee actually dehydrates you! If you still want to drink a cup, make sure you add the equivalent in water onto your daily total.


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